IA MALL Company Limited was established with the expertise and experience in the sales of industrial equipment of the best quality that has been selected by engineers such as electrical equipment, Hydraulic equipment, Pneumatic equipment and Linear Motion.

          Our parent company has been import and distribute products with consulting and after-sales service for more than 30 years with the vision of our CEO has seen the advancement of technology. As a result, the method of order product has change. IA MALL was established response to ordering products via online website for convenience of order and customers to receive the products in the shortest time. By all our products, It is a product that has been verified by an engineer and international standards. Our product are guaranteed to be high quality products.

          According to the company's 3 main policy that are   best price, fast shipping and high quality. In order to give customers satisfaction and receive products as quickly as possible. IA Mall is committed to the development of services to provide customers with convenience and satisfaction.