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Diffuse-reflective Photoelectric Sensors Model. High stability with unique algorithm that prevents interference of external light.

1,825 THB ฿ 1,825
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Mechanical Indicators Added as a Standard Feature to Our Best-selling MY General-purpose Relays. Built-in LED Relays.

120 THB ฿ 120
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Fiber Amplifier Units Equipped with Smart Tuning, which automatically configures the settings to their optimum values with the press of a single button, enables anyone to configure the settings easily

3,825 THB ฿ 3,825
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Temperature controllers 48 × 48 mm. Large White PV Display That's Easier to Read. Easy to Use, from Model Selection to Setup and Operation. A Complete Range of I/O Capacities, Functions, and Performance. Handles More Applications.

2,470 THB ฿ 2,470
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DIN 48 × 48-mm Multifunction Digital Timer/2-stage Digital Timer

4,710 THB ฿ 4,710
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Cost-effective CP1E with Enhanced Expandability for Analog and Temperature Control

5,885 THB ฿ 5,885
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TL-N Rectangular Standard Proximity Sensor easy installation, high-speed pulse generator, high-speed rotation control, and more.

650 THB ฿ 650
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E2E standard proximity sensor for detecting ferrous metals. Superior environment resistance with standard cable made of oil resistant PVC and sensing surface made of material that resists cutting oil

1,240 THB ฿ 1,240
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Reliable and Easy Operation-Worldwide Power Supply. Resistant in tough environments. Easy and fast installation. The most compact class on the market.

2,710 THB ฿ 2,710
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DC Input Units of CJ1 Basic I/O Units for NJ, CJ1M, CJ2M and CJ2H CPU Units

9,060 THB ฿ 9,060
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Transistor Output Units of CJ1 Basic I/O Units for NJ, CJ1M, CJ2M and CJ2H CPU Units

9,180 THB ฿ 9,180
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Miniature Timer Compatible with the MY Relay

1,060 THB ฿ 1,060
Best Seller


E2E Small-diameter Proximity Sensor.Ultra small size, but surprisingly easy installation.

1,530 THB ฿ 1,530
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E3JK model is built-in power supply photoelectric sensor. Freely selectable power supply input (24 to 240 VDC, 24 to 240 VAC) with Mounting Brackets E39-L40

1,060 THB ฿ 1,060
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M6 Screw fiber sensor heads, easy installation and long sensor lifetime for all general applications

885 THB ฿ 885


Fiber unit hex-shape, through beam, right-angle model prevents snagging on the cable because the cable runs along the mounting surface.

3,945 THB ฿ 3,945
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OMRON Photoelectric Sensors detect photo-optical workpieces. OMRON provides many varieties of Sensor, including diffuse-reflective, through-beam, retro-reflective, and distance-settable Sensors, as well as Sensors with either built-in or separate amplifiers.


OMRON Proximity Sensor includes all sensors that perform non-contact detection in comparison to sensors, such as limit switches, that detect objects by physically contacting them.


OMRON Timer is a control device that outputs a signal at a preset time after an input signal is received. OMRON provides a range of Analog Timers and Digital Timers, as well as Time Switches for 24-hour, weekly, or annual time control.


OMRON Counter is a device that counts the number of objects or the number of operations. It is called a Counter because it counts the number of ON/OFF signals input from an input device, such as a switch or sensor.


OMRON Temperature Controller is a device that is used to control a heater or other equipment by comparing a sensor signal with a set point.


OMRON Programmable controller (PLC) has a microprocessor and controls devices through custom user programs. A PLC receives signals from input devices and makes decisions based on custom programs to control output devices.


OMRON Relays are devices making or breaking electric circuits by their output section driven by operational signal, which is triggered by electric input signal controlled by switching devices.


Why you want to buy from us? With the expertise in electrical equipment distribution and all type of control unit about industries for more than 30 years that make us the ability to supply products that any type of customer group needs and with expertise in shipping customers who order from us will receive the correct products and all products will be delivered to all customers as quickly as possible. With willingness to serve “Because of customer satisfaction is our success”
IA Mall brings products from OMRON, one of the best quality brands from Japan. Which OMRON products are products that have been widely accepted in our country and internationally country, in our country there are many Omron products in used both in small and large industrial plants and in the general. The OMRON products that our IA Mall sells are OMRON products that we have verified that they are all the original products from OMRON. Customers can be confident in our OMRON products that customers have purchased from IA Mall will be the original products from OMRON that can be used in full performance. And can satisfy the needs of customers for sure!
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